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Pozcu İnşaat, konut, ofis ve residence projeleri, Pozcu İnşaat hakkında genel bilgiler, projelerin lokasyonları ve Pozcu İnşaat ile ilgili tüm haberlere bu sayfada ulaşabilirsiniz.

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Company Profile

Pozcu Group is a full-service property developer and leasing company with headquarters in Istanbul, Turkey. In tone with the increasing requirements of the ongoing social and economical developments in the country, the privately-owned company was founded to dedicate itself to top-quality property solutions while building strategic partnerships with the industry leaders.

With a focus on commercial property planning and development, Pozcu Group is currently active in the following areas:

Land Development 
Concept Building 
Project Management 
Investment Finance

Recently, the company has restructured itself on the way to achieving its short and long term objectives, and now operates in the following departments utilized by a total of 27 in-house personnel.

Land Improvement and Concept Development 
Project Management 
Finance and Accounting 
Purchasing Office 
Human Resources


The history of Pozcu Group dates back to the early 1950s when Şevket Pozcu, a man recognized as a visionary and real estate pioneer, driven by the recent social developments in his home town Mersin, initiated a project to establish an urban village 5km away from the city centre, with one and two storey villas, a hotel and commercial areas.

The second generation in the family business, R. Derya Pozcu, while studying in UK, had the opportunity to closely observe the land reclamation and real estate restoration industry to which he actually contributed by taking a hands-on job in various projects.

Following his return to his home country, R. Derya Pozcu decided to take the family business to a whole new corporate level, thus founded Pozcu Construction Company in 1979.

Since then, the company has excelled as a commercial property developer, with a fully integrated network of subcontractors to ensure excellence in every aspect of its operations.

Corporate strategy

Pozcu Group operates as a dynamic and innovative upscale developer that is comitted to creating long term value for its clients and partners while setting the benchmark for the highest standards in all areas of its operations.

The company foresees the social improvements and requirements, and designs made-to-measure projects that are both profitable and contemporary, while meeting the criterias employed by the investor.

Pozcu Group provides the investor with the most recent opportunities and accurate estimates, while acting as a consultant to minimize the risk factor inherent in a major construction project

Telefon: 0212 253 5253
Fax: 0212 253 1936
Email: office@pozcu.com
Adres: Emniyetevleri Mah. Yamaç Sokak. No:8 D:1 4.Levent İSTANBUL

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