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SAMM Developments

SAMM Developments

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SAMM Developments, konut, ofis ve residence projeleri, SAMM Developments hakkında genel bilgiler, projelerin lokasyonları ve SAMM Developments ile ilgili tüm haberlere bu sayfada ulaşabilirsiniz.

SAMM Developments Hakkında

SAMM Developments, a division of Akman Holdings and Bleda Group, is a comprehensive company specializing in seven distinct industries, including: mining, foreign trade, tourism, real estate, food, automotive and petro-chemistry. The company invests resources to continually improve and develop its strong institutional structure in local and foreign markets; offering its services, qualified human resources, innovative initiatives, cutting-edge technology and strong brands within each of these sectors, impacting markets and economies throughout the world.

Real Estate 

SAMM Developments has enjoyed a strong presence in Ankara real estate for almost three decades. From residential condominium development to a commercial shopping mall to a thriving medical complex, the company has unique expertise in both construction and management and is poised for growth into new markets.



SAMM Developments operates three distinctive hotel properties. All are well-known for their exceptional facilities and commitment to the comfort and needs of their guests. Going beyond the expected has always been a SAMM trademark and the company’s hotel facilities are a perfect example of that. Rooms are pristine, amenities outstanding and service second to none.

Tel: 0312 459 6600

Fax: 0312 459 6629

Email: info@akman.com.tr

Adres: Uğur Mumcu Caddesi No: 10 Gaziosmanpaşa Ankara / Çankaya

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